terra20 is driven to make healthier, more sustainable products go mainstream.  We work closely with our vendors to seek out alternative products - from safe skin care, to non-toxic cleaners, to sustainable household supplies - to help our guests make healthier choices every day.


At terra20, we believe:


A profound shift has begun; more and more people are thinking about, discovering and sharing healthier alternatives.  We make it a priority to make this transition easy for our guests by offering a wide breadth of products, ensuring that these products have been vetted, and encouraging a transparent community of knowledge.


terra20 values its relationship with guests and it's vendors; we are committed to seeking out independent vendors and providing them with a channel to represent their products.  We do our due diligence to ensure that these products are safe and ethical, so our guests can be rest assured that the research is already being done for them.  Just as we are committed to vetting our products, we encourage our guests to teach us about products and vendors that we may have yet to discover, so that we can collaboratively explore healthier alternatives and support the vendors that make them.


 It’s important to know where the things we buy come from, who made them and how they were made. To create a brighter future, healthy and sustainable products should be standard, not the exception. And, certainly never assigned to a singular niche shelf.


Everyone can make healthier choices in different aspects of their lives; we are here to empower you to take steps towards a more conscious lifestyle.  Whether you are purchasing your first sustainable product, trying to do your part where you can, or already an active conscious consumer, terra20 exists to help our guests make choices that are better for both people and the planet.