Steve Kaminski


Steve is a serial entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping companies grow and reach their potential. He's been building successful companies for over 20 years. He brings to terra20 a vision for a collaborative one-stop eco store that brings together community, modern convenience and technology. The former Chair, Steve has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation of the Ottawa Hospital for over 20 years. The largest medical foundation in the National Capital Region, the Foundation is responsible for managing approximately $50 million in endowment funds and each year provides more than $20 million for medical research and for patient care equipment.

Favourite terra20 product and why: Botl Filter. Enjoy water on the go without adding disposable bottles to landfills.

My easy green tip: Shop at terra20. I found that green was not easy and that's why terra20 was created.

If I could do one thing to help change the world I would: I would promote tolerance. Most people can find peace at their own pace in their own place if tolerance is shown by those around them.

Bill Stewart


Bill is on a mission to bring green products into the mainstream. He's backed by over 20 years experience in retail, building distribution strategies and improving the customer experience. He is responsible for bringing the terra20 store concept to life and creating the plan for a national retail chain. A huge advocate of sharing knowledge, Bill believes in training staff as in-store educators, coordinating vendor and customer feedback and allowing the community to influence the products on the shelves. If Bill had a super-hero ability it would be the ability to turn insights into action in a single bound.

Favourite terra20 product and why: My personal favourite is the Wipe & Glow cloth. It was one of the first products I tried and completely blew me away - it was incredibly effective at cleaning many smooth surfaces and consistently left the windows streak-free.

My easy green tip: Begin your exploration and start investigating alternative products. More importantly, educate yourself on the impacts of those on your body and their overall impact on the environment.

If I could do one thing to help change the world I would: I hope that by building this brand, it gives our customers the ability to impact the ingredients in products and how they are manufactured, making the world a better place!

Ann McKechnie


With 20 years of diversified HR experience, Ann has the skill and expertise to create the terra20 company culture that fosters exceptional customer service, creates opportunity for personal and career development, and community involvement. Ann prides herself on being a hands-on HR leader skilled with the priority to deliver efficient HR programs that effectively support the terra20 team and the goals of the store. Ann is constantly searching for energetic, smart and customer service oriented people to join our green team at terra20, a fun and rewarding place to work!

Favourite terra20 product and why: The ecloth is one I have used for quite a while and keep stocked in my kitchen.

My easy green tip: I shine my stainless steel kitchen appliances with organic baby oil. Only takes a couple of drops, removes all finer smudges easily and it lasts for several days, just reshine with my dry ecloth.

If I could do one thing to help change the world I would: I'd love to eliminate the use of all plastic water bottles - it is so easy to replace them with reusable containers filled with filtered tap water.