terra20’s one purpose is to encourage a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. We do this by seeking out innovative products – from sustainable fashion to green household supplies to all-natural baby products – and creating the largest selection under one roof.

At terra20, we believe:

  • A profound shift has begun; more and more people are thinking about, discovering and sharing greener, healthier options. The year 20-something is the year we achieve sustainability, and terra20 is here to play our part as a catalyst for change.
  • It’s important to know where the things we buy come from, who made them and how they were made. To create a brighter future, environmentally friendly products should be standard, not the exception. And, certainly never assigned to a singular niche shelf.
  • Sharing our knowledge as well as that of our hand-selected vendor partners and our consumer ambassadors enriches all of our lives. This collaborative experience and understanding results in better, more informed decisions – for us as buyers and for you as our customers.
  • Small daily changes can have a big impact on our planet and our future. We are here to help Canadians explore a better way, and to make it easier by offering a one-stop eco store.
  • Quite simply, that we can leave things a little better than how we found them.
  • Companies, like terra20, need to be true community members. We must start a dialogue, interact and share information. We must listen carefully to our community and act accordingly. The result will be a new type of transparent discussion, one that is respectful, equal and forward-looking… the most meaningful, exciting and relevant conversation that a business can ever engage in.
terra20’s one purpose is to encourage a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.