Litterless Lunch

Lunch is a great time of day. It offers us the chance to slow down from the morning and fuel up for the afternoon with something yummy. We want to make sure that lunch is also a great time for the planet. So we’ve put together four lunch “eco” systems that will help you reduce waste (and save money!) while keeping your food fresher and tastier than ever. Choose which system is most to your taste.


Bits and Bites

Bits and Bites lunch systems offer a wide selection of containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for the snacker who wants a bit (and a bite) of everything!


Classic Combos

Classic Combos lunch systems include eco-friendly sandwich bags for all your favourite bread & filling combos. They’re also great for holding cookies or crackers.


Divided Dishes

Divided Dishes lunch systems are a fabulous way to store salads and all their fixings. They feature divided containers that keep each food item exactly where it’s meant to be.


Hearty Helpings

Hearty Helpings lunch systems include sturdy containers that aren’t afraid of getting up close and personal with a serious meal. Perfect for leftover lasagna or casserole.