Every bottle refilled makes a difference!

people pledged to reduce their plastic use
bottles have been saved from landfills and waterways*
*Estimated number of bottles saved is derived from the number of pledges taken multiplied by the average annual bottles refilled and takes into consideration the lifespan of a single bottle.

Why it's important

Even though the amount of waste recycled continues to increase each year in Canada, there is still a tonne ending up in landfills. Sadly the cost to recycle certain materials, like plastic, often exceeds the cost of creating new plastic; along with excessive carbon emissions released in the process of recycling.

By taking the pledge, you’re joining our movement to reduce the amount of plastic you discard by using refillable products. Not only will you be helping make our planet cleaner, you’ll be providing your family with quality eco-friendly products that are likewise friendly on your pocketbook.

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About Us

terra20 is driven to make healthier, more sustainable products go mainstream. We work closely with our vendors to seek out alternative products – from safe skin care, to non-toxic cleaners, to sustainable household supplies - in order to help our customers make healthier choices every day.