save money. make a difference.

The terra20 Saving for Change program is designed to help your group members save money on everyday items,
like cleaning supplies, soaps and shampoos, diapers, home goods and much more. And, because terra20
is a one-stop eco-store, the choices they make will be healthier and more sustainable for our planet.

"a percentage of every sale is rebated back to your corporate responsibility initiatives"

There's also a delightful twist – each time your group members make a purchase, a percentage of every
sale is rebated back to your corporate responsibility initiatives. The Saving for Change program offers
opportunities to make each day a little more fulfilling, a little greener and a lot more inspired! Together,
we can create a better world.

how it works

It's easy to start a Saving for Change program at your company or organization. All you need to do is enrol to receive 10% off any purchase at terra20. Your company can also get great staff incentives such as gift cards at a discounted rate.

Once enrolled, your group members start to save immediately on every item they buy at terra20, and we, in turn, refund a portion of the total purchase amount to the company so you can make a positive impact, locally or globally. Simply use your collective purchasing power to help support your corporate responsibility goals.

inspired initiatives

You can use the rebate to support your corporate responsibility efforts, from supplying group members with BPA-free water bottles to reduce plastic bottle consumption to supporting groups that help save our wetlands.

It's up to you how you want to create positive change. We are happy to work with your group members to find the perfect initiative for your group!

our commitment to you & your group members

We are committed to providing you with the healthiest, greenest choices available on the market. At terra20, we believe that the purchases we make every day can make a difference in our own lives as well as to our communities, and the planet.

You'll See The Impact: As a group, we'll be reporting back to you on a regular basis to keep you informed about the positive impact you are having on the environment and your health.

You'll Have Fun: You'll be able to participate in fun exclusive events like Lunch & Learn workshops, in-store demonstrations, sample giveaways and more.

You'll Create a Virtuous Circle: As you and your colleagues continue to shop at terra20, we will return a percentage of your group's collective purchase amount that can be applied toward any number of environmental initiatives.

get started…

We'd be happy to explore your options with you or answer any questions you may have about our Saving for Change program.
Contact Bill Stewart at 613-225-8118 extension 358 or email at