Alkapure pH Paper

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  • Made in Canada
Physiological pH paper for salivary and urinary pH testing. pH 5.5 to 8.0

How to test your pH

To determine your baseline perform the test twice a day for at least 7 consecutive days.

Pure Lab recommends saliva or urine for testing. Saliva is a better indicator of the acidity/alkalinity of the tissues.

At 10:00am:

- Tear off a 1" strip of paper from the roll.
- Milk the saliva in your mouth but swallow the first collection.
- Repeat and use saliva from second collection to perform the test (spit into a small cup).
- Allow 5-10 seconds for colour to finish changing.
- Compare strip to colour chart provided.

Repeat at 3:00pm.

After 7 days, add your values then divide the total by the number of tests you have performed. This will give you your average pH.

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