Bento Box Classic 6 Piece Set - Beach




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You'll be sure to feel your best after eating a delicious and nutritious meal packed in this versatile and stylish bento box! With 6 containers to mix-and-match, you will be able to pack everything from sandwiches to soups, salads to sushi. Great for school, work, play or for takeout. Easy to clean and long lasting your bento box will make it easy for you to eat balanced meals, in the right portions. The Beach Bento Set comes with a frosty translucent outer box and five translucent inner containers. 3 of the inner containers come with leak-proof lids in pear, midnight blue and turquoise, for those days you are in the mood to pack wet foods like yogurt, applesauce or dressing. The other two containers are open for moist or dry foods like pasta, nuts or rice. Rest assured the snug design keeps everything in its place and beautifully appealing when you are ready to eat. Outer Container Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 2.25"

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