Milan Ceramic Induction Fry Pan Ribbed Pattern




  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Waste Reducing
A good distribution of oil helps heat transfer efficiently through the pan to the food and ensures even frying results, avoiding scorching food. The dimpled surface of the Milan 3D "I love Fish & Veggies" allows this as the oil flows in the dimples each time you stir the food in the pan. For delicate food like fish, the dimpled surface guarantees good oil distribution while you can flip the food without damaging it.

Features & Benefits:

- Ribbed pattern.
- Thermolon ceramic non-stick: less oil + easy cleaning.
- Ceramic non-stick exterior.
- Dimple surface for excellent oil distribution.
- Induction base for fast and consistent heating.
- Stainless steel handle.
- Oven & dishwasher safe.
- Size: 24 cm

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