Ocean Blue Food Kozy Reuseable Wrap

Kids Konserve

Kids Konserve


  • Waste Reducing
Stop using plastic baggies altogether when you stock up on Food Kozys, the innovative reusable food wraps. Wrap sandwiches, bagels & cream cheese, meat & cheese slices, apple slices or whatever you want to wrap up and take along. The reusable sandwich wrap is similar to a snack bag, but lies flat to double as an on-the-go placemat, making them great for school lunches.

These wraps make perfect refrigerator storage for snacks and leftovers like cut meats, cut vegetables and blocks of cheese. They're also the ideal waste-free alternative for takeout, picnics and travel.
Size: 13.5" round (Set of 2)
Also available in Green.
Made from LDPE #4 plastic, BPA-free and PVC-free.

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