Wet Bag Pink




  • Made in Canada
  • Sustainable
  • Waste Reducing
The FABULOUS WET BAG is intended to be used either as a hanging diaper pail or as a diaper pail liner. You can wash and dry it with your diapers - high heat will not damage this sturdy polyester bag with a tough waterproof layer. Double seamed on three sides, it is designed and constructed to be durable and leak resistant.

This is a mid-sized (14" x 15") bag with two closures a zipper and a drawstring. Use both to ensure that odours are contained in the bag. The drawstring can also be used to hang the bag or to cinch it around a pail. You can hang the FABULOUS WET BAG on a hook or a doorknob not only is it a functional cloth diapering accessory, it will also stylishly add to the decor of your diaper changing area.

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